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May 28, 2024-STARS Club Meeting: The club members shared their eclipse experiences.

May 3-Stars Over Springfield: The night started in Spark!Lab with hand-on activities! Richard Sanderson spoke about halos, rainbows, and other atmospheric phenomena. Jack Megas did a great planetarium show!

April 23, 2024- STARS Club Meeting: The club members shared their stories of the eclipse.

April 5, 2024-Stars Over Springfield :Beginning the night there were hand- on activities held in Spark!Lab. Jack Megas taught everyone about rocks from space, and Kevin Kopchynski presented an amazing planetarium show. Clouds hampered observing from the roof top observatory, but tours were given by Richard Sanderson

March 26, 2024- STARS Club Meeting: Richard Sanderson’s presentation, “Operation Moonwatch” draws a packed house at the March STARS Club Meeting.

March 1, 2024- Stars Over Springfield: This event was a blast! Kevin Kopchynski was in the “conversation and demonstration” room, with the topic being “What is Beyond Our Solar System?” Jack Megas gave a wonderful planetarium show to the audience! The roof top observatory was under clouds, but attendees were able to tour the observatory. Girl Scout troop 65144 attended the event to attain a badge and had a fantastic time, along with everyone that attended.

The Girl Scouts Earned Their Space Science Investigator Badge By Attending This Star Party

February 27, 2024- STARS Club Meeting: Danielle Lee Desmarais presented about her recent trip to Arizona. She discussed the many places that she visited, with an enthusiastic emphasis on Meter Crater. Danielle is planning another trip in May. After her fabulous presentation, many of us in the audience want to do the same!

February 2, 2024-Stars Over Springfield: February’s SOS was another sold out event! The evening began with hands on activities throughout astronomy hall. Lani Ching presented “Our Cosmic Neighborhood,” it was out of this world! Even with the cold and cloudy skies the observatory was open for a tour. The audience enjoyed a wonderful planetarium show.

January 5,2024-Stars Over Springfield: The Westfield Space and Astronomy Club gave a presentation about telescopes, including the different types and their experience using them. Jack Megas gave the audience a fantastic planetarium show. Rich Sanderson had the museum’s rooftop observatory operating under clear skies and offering views of Jupiter to the guests.

December 19, 2023 – STARS Club Meeting: Winter Holiday Door Prize Extravaganza: Everyone had a great time and enjoyed taking home new astronomy-themed items!

Club president, Rich Sanderson introducing the holiday giveaway.

November 28, 2023 – STARS Club Meeting:

“An Exciting Trip Around the Sun: Astronomical Adventures From My First Year as Director of the Springfield Science Museum,” by Jenny Powers.

Highlighted by science events in Springfield as well as New York, Boston, and Pittsburgh, and moments like the first image release from the James Webb Space Telescope and helping blind people experience astronomy, Jenny’s first year as director of the Science Museum has been packed with cosmic adventures. She will share stories from that memorable year and discuss what she’s learned about connecting with people through the study and sharing of astronomy.

Jenny Powers is an experienced museum professional with a focus on STEM education and the power of simple positive interactions. She fell in love with astronomy while visiting the Seymour Planetarium. Now an avid amateur astronomer, Jenny shares her love of the night sky through museum programs as well as outreach activities such as helping Girl Scouts earn their space badges and conducting sidewalk astronomy in her neighborhood.

In early 2022, Jenny became the second woman to take the helm of the Springfield Science Museum, and the first woman to hold that position in more than 70 years. She also loves exploring science just for fun and is a member of the Connecticut Valley Mineral Club, the Naturalists’ Club, the Allen Bird Club, and the Springfield STARS Club, in addition to being a Lifetime Girl Scout.

October 24, 2023 – STARS Club Meeting:

Several club members presented photos and reports of recent astronomy activities. Kaitlynn Goulette discussed Arunah Hill’s “Starwatch 2023” training program, Ed Faits showed pictures of his trip to historic Yerkes Observatory, and shared photos of August’s Stellafane convention.